"To Promote and Support Human Dignity and Success In All Areas and Phases of Life By the Application of Concrete Spiritual Tools"
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Our goal is to embody proven spiritual tools and techniques in effective services. The Great Reality is developing tools that make a difference. As we grow our offerings will include:

  • Seminars, webinars, and workshops
  • Literature (Books and Monographs)
  • Media
  • Radio Programs (Internet)
  • Retreats
  • Internet Information Portals
  • Individual Support
  • E-Books
  • An internet social Network dedicated to spiritual solutions (safe sites)
  • Study and learning centers
  • Continued dedication to advancing research, education and public awareness of our areas of work


  • We are trying to develop "friends" for our efforts. The following areas of support are available to allow our "friends" to participate in our mission. All friends will receive tangible benefits for their support.
  • Become an advertiser on web sites, social network sites, radio programs (internet)
  • Endow scholarships for seminar, workshop, webinar, and retreat participants
  • Joint venture participant in the development and presentation of our programs
  • Become co-publisher and/or co-producer of our sustaining information
  • Become members and subscribers to The Great Reality family of networks
  • Endow research, education and public awareness activities on spiritual solutions

Email friends@thegreatreality.com